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"You have done a remarkable job on these lessons!  I know God is leading and revealing things to you.  This, alone, is a sure indication that we are at the end of time!  The sealed book of Daniel is being opened to God's humble servants, as they study and seek His guidance.  This is nothing that any of us are doing, but only as we make ourselves available to God, to be used in His service, can we begin to see the truth in His word. I am honored to have even a small part in this work!  Thank you for sharing this blessing with me!"

Marilyn R., USA




The Scriptures predict end-time catastrophes and global upheaval as foretold by God's Hebrew prophets over 2,000 years ago in the books of Daniel and Revelation, and confirmed by Jesus Himself in the Gospels. These 30 lesson guides will take you step by step through the prophetic books, spelling out how the Word of God foretold these troubling events now playing out in our modern world. The prophets' warnings must be followed very closely, because great deception will overtake the masses in order to divide the faithful and wise from the wicked just before the arrival of the King and His Kingdom. 
The countdown to Middle East hostilities is already on the march, and the U.S. led war against Iran is at hand, which signals final events have officially begun. World War III and nuclear holocaust are nearer than anyone can imagine. The powers of Heaven and principalities of the air are about to intersect with Planet Earth in a very visible way. Our future and eternal destinies are at stake, and all will hinge on the decision that we each must make to either give homage at the cryptic arrival of the end-time religious leader warned about in the prophecies, or to walk by faith against the prevailing wave of deception to follow the warnings in Daniel and the wise book of Revelation--the testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1-3).


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Student Comments


Lesson 1    Boundaries Of The Appointed Times & Seasons        

Printable     Michael Swears To The Accuracy Of The Time Lines (12 pgs) 


Lesson 2    Events Of The Appointed Times & Seasons       

Printable    Jesus Confirms The Events Of The Time Lines (6 pgs) 


Lesson 3    Biblical Feast Days Of The Appointed Times & Seasons    

Printable     God Established The Landmarks Of The Time Lines Long Ago (8 pgs)


Lesson 4    Four World Military Powers Of The Appointed Times--Part I  

Printable     Great Britain, United States & Russia (6 pgs)


Lesson 5    Four World Military Powers Of The Appointed Times--Part II

Printable     Eastern Asia, Western European Union (8 pgs)


Lesson 6    Antichrist Of The Appointed Times--Who, When & Where?                

Printable     Rome's Future (12 pgs)


Lesson 7    The Investigative Court During The Appointed Times              

Printable     Heaven's Response To The Evil Players Of The End Times (8 pgs)


Lesson 8    The Gulf War Crisis: The Beginning Of Sorrows        

Printable     Final Events Begin With Iraq's Overthrow, Followed By Iran's (6 pgs)


Lesson 9     Seventy Weeks Prophecy For Israel & Jerusalem

Printable      Jerusalem's Final Warning (10 pgs)


Lesson 10    Details Of The Middle East Conflict   

Printable       Egypt's Northern Enemy, And Antichrist's Evil Plans (8 pgs)


Lesson 11    Introduction To The Book Of Revelation   

Printable       The Opening Of The Apocalypse (6 pgs)


Lesson 12    Beyond The Opened Door: The Heavenly Sanctuary  

Printable       The Lamb Opens The Sealed Book Of Daniel (6 pgs)


Lesson 13    The Colored Horses & Opening Of The Seals 

Printable       Britain, America, Russia, Eastern Asia & Western European Union (6 pgs)


Lesson 14    The 144,000 & Great Multitude:  The Feast Of Tabernacles

Printable       The Chosen & Redeemed Of The Final Conflict (6 pgs)


Lesson 15    The Closing Judgment: The Day Of Atonement   

Printable       The Verdict Of The Court (12 pgs)


Lesson 16    The Abyss: Release Of The Demons             

Printable       The Release of Demons Until Their Demise (6 pgs)


Lesson 17    The Mighty Seventh Angel Announces The Day Of Atonement  

Printable       Michael Descends To Deal With The Abomination (10 pgs)


Lesson 18    The Two Witnesses: Their Passover Arrival    

Printable       Heaven's Two Messengers: Moses & Elijah (10 pgs)


Lesson 19    The Seventh Trumpet Announces The Day Of Atonement  

Printable       The Trumpet Blast & Resurrection Of The Tribulation Saints (4 pgs)


Lesson 20    The Woman & Red Dragon  

Printable       The Woman Identified (6 pgs)


Lesson 21    Satan Wars Against Heaven & Earth

Printable       God's Protection Against Satan's Attacks (6 pgs)


Lesson 22    The Beasts: Governments & Rulers Of The Appointed Times 

Printable       Political Manipulation, Deceit & The Mark (12pgs)


Lesson 23    Seven Personalities At Work During The Appointed Times     

Printable       The Work Of The Seven Angels Of The Presence (8 pgs)


Lesson 24    The Opened Temple: Ark Of The Covenant Revealed  

Printable       The Day Of Atonement Announces The Great Tribulation (8 pgs) 


Lesson 25    THE END: Seven Angels With Plagues Of Devastation   

Printable       The Great Tribulation (8 pgs)


Lesson 26    Mystery Babylon & The Seven Political Leaders

Printable       The Devastation Of The Great Tribulation (12 pgs)


Lesson 27    Lament Over Babylon: The Finality of Jerusalem's Demise

Printable       The Three Woes Condemn The Great City (10 pgs)


Lesson 28    Marriage Of The Lamb To The New Jerusalem  

Printable       The Lamb & The New Jerusalem Wedding Celebration (10 pgs)


Lesson 29    The Millennial Delay Of Judgment        

Printable       The 1,000 Year Postponement Of The Great White Throne Judgment (6 pgs)


Lesson 30    New Jerusalem: God's Eternal Jubilee Home        

Printable       Eden Restored (8 pgs)


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Matthew 24

Leviticus 23

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Daniel 9:24-27

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