Letters & Feedback from Students & Pastors

"I want to take this opportunity to encourage you in the Lord! I too have come to realize that the appointed times of the Lord are pivotal in our understanding of the prophetic material in Scriptures!  I run across very few pastors who are in the  least knowledgeable about this, and secondly and more tragic is the fact that few seem interested! I recently did a two day seminar on What Time is it, God?  and those who heard were quite impressed by the scriptural basis of what was done and wondered why they had never heard any of this previously.  Thank you for your efforts to alert people to the imminence of our Lord's return and the difficult times which we'll experience in getting there!  So many are under the erroneous belief that we will somehow be spared all forms of hardship--especially prevalent here in North America - much less so in the Far East where I do some teaching of pastors and church leaders - many of whom know first hand what persecution is at the hands of religious zealots?  May God continue to give you strength and insight as you research and share the truth which God has placed in his Word!"  Blessings and shalom! Dr. David Sloss, Canada


Kevin, I read lesson 1-3 a few days ago and 4, 5 this afternoon. Incredible! There is a time for everything. Now is evidently the time for me to read and understand.  Thank you for this message of truth and hope.

Ben S, USA


Hi Kevin. Thanks for this initiative. I just started your Lesson 1. Looking forward to the great insights you have already learnt in the Scriptures. Many today are uninformed and unprepared for what is very close at hand. Having being student of prophecy for now 15 years I loved seeing your insights and learning from your background in history and the fulfillment of prophecy. Hendrick V., South Africa


Shabbat Shalom Kevin, Thanks for the updates about the blood moons in the 4th of April 2015. I believe in your prophecies which are of God. Love to you from Kenya, Pastor David Muyoti


Kevin, I just had†time this morning to read the Lesson introduction. If I have learned anything from what little writing I havedone, it's to recognize good writing. I can hardly wait to really get into these lessons. I can feel God's hands all over your efforts. If it's God's will for me to be used in comforting and witnessing to†terminally ill cancer patients, this series of yours will be a wonderful reference tool. Thanks for all your hard work and study. Ron R, Topeka, USA


Hi Kevin, Thank you for the invitation.  I will be joining.  Your book was a great influence in my own research into Daniel and Revelation.  I have started running four Friday evening sessions on signs in the heavens, the feasts, the rise of Islam and what we need to do to get ready. Times are short and your ministry is helping lots of people realize that.  May God bless you abundantly. Kind Regards Diane T, USA

I came across your website while working on a sermon for this upcoming Sabbath, and wow! It's an answer to my prayer and quest to find more former or active Adventist or Sabbath keeping Christians who get this!!! I couldn't hardy keep still, I was screaming with joy and excited!!! God has been confirming so much lately about what He desires for His invisible church to know and how to respond. What a joy it would be if all Adventist, former or otherwise, would come into the entirety of God's real end time message. We have the parts of the Sanctuary message but neglected the Feasts of the Lord which are God's blueprint and footprint of the past, present and future. Indeed! Everything that you have share in your timeline, God has shared over the last 10 years to me. The fact and importance of the Lord's Feast Days and Sabbaths, Daniel prophetic timeline and Revelation as it regards to the end time and Jerusalem. Your insight, knowledge and wisdom confirms that for me too. Just reading your website, gave me a breath of fresh air. I've even concluded from my research and studies so far, that it is Jerusalem that is the city which sits on 7 hills that will be desolate and destroyed....not so much Rome or the papacy as commonly viewed. Although, the Papacy is a key player in the events as was Papal Rome. There is absolutely no true urgency, understanding or active awareness for where in bible prophecy we are. We seem to be still stuck in King Nebuchadnezzar image's toenails. There is very little if any  awareness of International current affairs as it relates to Bible,  Iran, Iraq, Syria , Egypt. Israel, God's time piece as if often said in the middle east. In the meantime, as I pray for God to show me how to share the little He's blessed me with to know, I'm doing bible studies in AY settings to encourage critical thinking about some of these issues. Please pray for me, my family and my husband to carry the torch as God permits. I will pray that God will bless you, your family and ministry to go boldly onward. D Jenice, USA Youth & Young Adult Ministry In His Care & For His Service, USA

Hi Kevin! Once again, it's Robin from SE Missouri.  I just read the question sent in from the gentleman asking you about Purim and lesson 7, etc.  I have nothing to add to that, only that it warmed my heart that he, like myself has  researched many end-time study sites and has also found you to be the very most level-headed, non-arrogant, easy to follow, information based sites available.  For me personally, the way the current event time-lines are dated and run alongside with prophetic events and scripture give me a great peace and assurance that the information made available here is a great blessing to all of us that follow your site so closely.  Once again, I thank you because it is apparent the time, energy and dedication you devote to this site that has become such a powerful tool and access to information to so many like myself.

God Bless You! Robin P., USA


"Dear Mr. Kevin, Good day upon receiving this email. I am very thankful for the Lord Jesus that he reveals the most important events in the prophecy that most of Christians in the world is looking for its reality, and its happening. I keep myself updated with mails and the links as a reference for this events. Hope that you will keep on sending me the updated events concerning these events of prophecies. Thanks and God Bless you for all of this updated news. "

In his Name, Lito, Doha Qatar


"Dear Kevin, Just want to let you know that I appreciate your insight and really see the unfolding of the the last days!  I believe that the spirit of revolution is active in order to set up the stage for the final scene.  Not only are different countries around the world falling apart, but seems like it is even coming to our country as well.  I think the attack on unions in the eastern states is the beginning of America's power decline, which is also needed to alow the birth of the new world government.  What are your thoughts? PS  I am definitely looking up! " Sincerely, Mark, USA


"Thank you for the rapid response.  I'm sure I've said this before, but a long time ago I added your site to "My Favorites" so I can access it quickly.  The part I was hoping to print is the area of the calendar of world events that shows all that is happening around us on a daily basis.  I work part-time at a very small country store and every Thursday is "Women's Day."  Several ( around 12 or so) local women all gather for the entire day to do crafts, needlework, or just visit and have lunch.  A Thursday never passes that we don't discuss what appears to be happening in this world and how it relates to Bible prophecy and for that reason, and perhaps more importantly, my husband just refuses to try to have anything to do with a computer... so I feel confident if this were something I could just hand him to read.... it would help him to see the times we are living in more clearly. I have spent alot of time searching and researching prophetic sites and coming from a small, rural town in Southeast Missouri, I follow ONLY Bible--- I have to tell you--- you're site to me personally, is the most.... I'm not sure of the word I'm looking for?  It just seems to be tied hand and hand with Bible--- NOT just a book someone authored and promoting---- simply Bible. I'm sure like all of us, there are times you may feel discouraged or perhaps wonder if what you're doing is making a difference?  I assure you it is!!  So again, Thank you for your time and more importantly, thank you for this wonderful site and the up to the minute current events as they relate to end-time events."  Sincerely, Robin, USA


"Dear Kevin Swift,  Greetings from Kenya in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.  Just to let you know that we have seen your wonderful ministry and we were very much encouraged and blessed by what you are doing for God and for Godís people. We invite you to visit us in Kenya and to speak Godís word in our congregations.  We can host small or big group seminars or meetings in our churches for you...we hope to hear from you as soon as possible. We also humbly request for your prayers for Godís work in Kenya and your partnership and networking too. God bless you servant of God. HalleluYah!!"  Yours servant in Christ, David J. Muyoti, Pastor Heavenís Way Ministries-Africa/Churches, Kenya, East Africa.

"Dear Mr. Swift, my husband and I have been studying Daniel and Rev. through the ministry of Charles Wheeling (Jemison, Al) for many years.  All this time we have never found another prophecy scholar who agrees with his interpretation of Dan. 7 & 8 and the placement of these prophecies at "the time of the end".  I cannot describe my amazement and joy upon finding that there is at least one other out there who has dared get out of the historical box.  Your views on the relevance of the Jewish festivals to the prophecies, the destruction of the wicked, and the Sabbath are also very refreshing.  May God continue to bless your ministry and give you new insights as confrontation with the ram draws closer and the "measured days" begin.  We would love to know if you will be speaking anywhere near the Louisiana area anytime soon." Rachel H, USA

"I simply wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate your site, the consistent updates with regard to world events and the way you tie it to scripture.  A couple of times I have found myself questioning something and actually got out my Bible to double-check it and was glad to find that you were in perfect accord with what it says.  So thank you again, for what I realize must be long, hard work of keeping the site current -- and know that you're appreciated.  Many Thanks," Robin P., USA

Kevin, Just wanted to say hello and to let you know how much I enjoy your website and information. I am extremely impressed with your study and time spent putting all of this together. I am certain that the Lord will bless your efforts and we wish you nothing but the very best.  Best wishes - Marc L., USA

"FocusontheProphecies.org is one of the best endtimes fulfillment prophecies news websites I have ever known. I am so blessed from all your postings, almost everyday I await new endtimes fulfillment breaking news. And always because of your news, your teaching, and your postings I have realized how close [we are to] the return of Jesus Christ. You are so blessed. Jesus Bless you and your ministry." Zchweitzer T., Indonesia

"Hi Kevin. Thank you for the insights into the meaning of Purim. Even though I only know you through your web site and your emails, I really appreciate your witness that supports the insights I have also been blessed to received by the Holy Spirit. In my discussions with people, I try to find out what people are feeling about the times we live in. Most people, even Christians who attend church, are not focused on the signs being manifested all around them. This morning when I woke up, I was impressed with the saying of Jesus about the only sign given is the sign of Jonah. So when I searched out those verses, Jesus said it not once, but twice, in Matt. 14 and 16. To the world, there will be no more signs given except the sign of Jonah - which is Christ's death for 3 days and subsequent resurrection. This ties into the scripture about 'so as it was in the days of Noah'. The world is completely oblivious to the impending doom of God's final judgment on this earth. I feel it daily as world events cry out in testimony to the prophecies already revealed to the wise who seek the Lord. The economic crisis, lack of godliness and rumors of war between Israel/Iran/Russia/Cuba/Venezuela/China/Korea/USA/Europe....the gestation period is ripe for the delivery of the end times. My perspective is from the prophecies of Daniel, Jesus and John the Revelator...yours is from the perspective of Hebrew festivals and seasons....all coming to the same conclusion....we must Watch and Be Ready. I am also mindful of Jesus' admonition to Peter for trying to prevent Jesus' death because Peter was seeing from a human perspective of his friendship with Jesus and not an eternal perspective of God's whole plan. Attempts to "make it better", "pray for peace"...isn't that being a modern day Peter? We want our comfort in this world...that is why so many will be "blown away" with their houses built on sand.  Kevin, may you and your loved ones weather the storm with your house built upon the Rock! Yours in Christ, Shelly M., USA

"I love your ministry and I'm sorry for those who haven't had a chance to experience it. May the light of our God open our eyes to truth and understanding in these last days." Joshua B., USA


"I would like to say how much I appreciate the Focus site. I visit often for a scripture based outlook on world affairs. I cannot help be see/hear the news and know our lives will change. I have faith that through the Lord, that change will be for the better but perhaps painful. I watch closely the world events and refer to your timeline chart. If I were not "washed in the blood," I would be terrified at world events; yet, those I know who are not of faith are seemingly "asleep". I'm trying to wake those I know but to little avail. I currently am awaiting income, when it presents itself a donation will be forth with. Thanks for the insights I use to repair my shield of faith and temper my sword of truth." Tim S., USA


"You have done a remarkable job on these lessons!  I know God is leading and revealing things to you.  This, alone, is a sure indication that we are at the end of time!  The sealed book of Daniel is being opened to God's humble servants, as they study and seek His guidance.  This is nothing that any of us are doing, but only as we make ourselves available to God, to be used in His service, can we begin to see the truth in His word. I am honored to have even a small part in this work!  Thank you for sharing this blessing with me!" Marilyn R., USA


"Kevin, thank you for the e-book you shared with us on the Appointed Times. I would like to ask your permission if we could print it and share it with others. I find it very accurate as the moedim and the seven feasts of Jesus Christ has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit last year. Thank you and may God's presence dwell with you always." Venancio A., Philippines


" Kevin, I have followed your site for months and hold you up in prayer. Please continue in the Lord." Sheryle S., USA


"I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and I have been studying Daniel 7, 8, 10-12, and I am finding as you have found that there is much to learn and much to unlearn about the historical applications that we have taught as a people. I am encouraged to see your website... I have also felt that the four horses of Revelation parallel Daniel 7.  Also, that chapters 7, 8, 10-12 are all the same vision for the time of the end. Daniel 9 is something that I am very interested as to a correct view of Please share if you have information. Thanks!" Tom S., Canada


" Kevin, I need another copy of your book. As persons start seeking to understand what in the world is going on--well, your book breaks it down and puts understanding to those who do not even know/study prophecy. As they start questioning and really seeking--your book is going to be used by God more and more for those open ears. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to God's calling on you and also for being obedient to that call. Our eyes are the windows to our soul/spirit and our heart is the door. I know that hearts are starting to be opened. Thank you. I pray a special blessing of new hope and happiness over you and your family." Marcia B., USA


"Hi Kevin, Just found your website today and I am looking forward to reading ALL that is on it. It is seldom I find someone that does not believe in a pre-trib rapture (wouldn't it be lovely??) Those that I have discovered are far to fanatical and well, kind of out on a limb... Well, thanks for sharing your heart and your studies. I am so burdened for the "church." So many I feel are wrongly taught and expecting a pretrib rapture, and oh my how it has rocked the church cradle to sleep......but alas, we are still exhorted to awake to righteous out of slumber!! Amylee B., USA


"Dear Kevin, Thank you for the timely information concerning the world economic apocalypse." Jeff B., USA


"I believe I have found what I have been looking for. I desire to personally study the prophecies and share with others. Please send me materials that will help me do so more effectively. I love you and may the Lord bless you." Moses A., Nigeria


"Dear Kevin, Thank you for your email message and for your ministry. Surprising how very few Christians are heeding Jesus command to Watch and Be Ready. I pray that I will be found worthy to escape. I value your web site and go to it often to "keep up" with current events.  Please know there is someone else out there who is watching and following the leading of the Holy Spirit as you undoubtedly are... So much of what Jesus talked about was the end times, why aren't more preachers preaching about it? They just shrug and tell the people that No man, not even Jesus, knows the day or the hour, so basically don't worry about it. I think being ready is a tangible witness of our faith." Yours in Christ, Shelly M., USA


Kevin: I have been directed to read material like this about the end days by the Holy Spirit. I am a born-again Christian and have been a yo-yo Catholic off and on through out my adult life (as a child I was brought up as a faithful Catholic). I have now left the Catholic church for good because I believe it is corrupted. I attend a small Assembly of God church and have a good faith family in them. Please keep me informed. My email address is... Praise Jesus Christ forever." Susan B., USA


"Brother Kevin, Thank you for your studies and know that I am always blessed as I return over and over to your web site. I will pray more for you and your family. If not here, may we meet in heaven and praise His name. Still need to order your book and will do so soon... Have a blessed Sabbath with our Lord. His grace and peace." Brother Dan B., USA


"Dear Brother, I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people." Sincerely, Napoleon Z., Pakistan


"I am about half way through your book and think it wonderful. I would be interested in knowing how to obtain your "studies". I am sure Charles Wheeling must have a copy of your book by now....he is the only other person who comes near to saying the things you have in this book. Praise God someone is telling it like it is. I would like to buy two more books!" Jean M., USA


"Kindly send a copy of your latest book. Many thanks. God Bless." Dr. Frank E. S., President, Int'l. Theological Seminary, USA


"Thanks very much for such a wonderful lesson it is spiritually enriching." Nicholas B., Nairobi


"Please email me the Feasts and Prophecy Calendar." Bob Y., Hawaii


"Hi Kevin, This is Tom L. My wife and I have been enjoying going through your material. I was wondering if you had put anything to video, or were interested in doing so. I have some professional equipment that I use to shoot weddings and devotional productions. I would love to talk with you about creating a video presentation of your material if you are interested. I would be interested in doing this to support your ministry, rather than as a commercial enterprise. Let me know if you would like to talk about this possibility." Tom L., USA


"Hi Kevin, You emailed my dad (minister from California) and he forwarded it to me. I've read through and studied your End-time Calendar (and the 21 points) and am very interested. My dad and I will be driving through Topeka and we'd love to meet with you and talk for a bit. We are on a road trip so our schedule is completely open. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or tea would be fine. We are convinced that we're living in the midst of the end (or at least really close to it)."

Peace and Love, Josh B., USA