More About Focus on the Prophecies Ministry (continued)

However, in his compelling lesson series Kevin brings to the forefront the long forgotten prophetic interpretation taught by Paul and the early believers.  It's clear in their writings that they anticipated Messiah's speedy return in their lifetime, and no doubt believed that Daniel's time prophecies would be fulfilled in a very short period of time, just before Jesus returned.  

Although the early congregations two millenniums ago could not know the actual dates and times of fulfillment, which being a long way off would have discouraged them (1 Thessalonians 5:1-4; Acts 1:6-7), the Bible clearly indicates the appointed time of the end is patterned and closely connected to God's spring and fall Festivals--known in Scripture as the appointed times or "times and the seasons."  And, because as the last generation we face the end of the age, spiritual insight is promised from God. Knowledge into His prophecies is on an increase, as there is a renewed interest and study into the prophetic visions of the Bible.  For this reason, and by God's design, the dates and times seem now to be within our grasp. 

Over a quarter of God's Word is devoted to future and end-time events, including five major prophetic time periods connected to the "times and seasons" (God's Festivals), and the prophetic dreams and visions are worth our undivided attention.  There is a long-hidden roadmap, held in secret in the oracles of Almighty God before the foundation of the world, that was promised to be unsealed for the last generation of faithful ones. 

The book of Daniel has been relegated to historical events through the popular views of our day; however, Kevin will show how Daniel's four visions of future events and time periods (Daniel chapters 7-12) are instead relevant as full and complete last-day predictions.  He believes the saints must renew study into prophetic truths by looking at Daniel and Revelation as portraying literal end-day periods and events looming before us.  For this reason, the Insights In Prophecy series develops a picture of the last days by merging the time periods and events of prophecy into one end-time chart, illustrated through The Kingdom Calendar

If God so wills it, Biblical evidence indicates the numbered days of prophecy could begin at Purim and Passover, and culminate at the Day of Atonement some three and one-half (3 1/2) years later.  However, it is in keeping with the mysteries of God that the Jerusalem disaster the initiates the counting periods could also come at a totally unexpected date and time.  And, when it does, the "three and one-half years" of counting will begin, as it represents the primary length of end-time prophecy.  How do we know?  The Hebrew prophets repeated this "specific" length of time seven times in the books of Daniel and Revelation, as though the Holy Spirit (Hebrew: Ruach haKodesh) is leading us to consider this to be the most important period--the "time, times and the dividing of time," or "42 months," equaling, "1,260 days," (Daniel 7:25; Daniel 12:7; Revelation 11:2; Revelation 11:3Revelation 12:6Revelation 12:14; Revelation 13:5).  

We will learn that the "seven year" tribulation period--a view of recent history (first taught 200 years ago) made popular among evangelicals by the Scofield Reference Bible--is a contrived view of Daniel 9:27, which holds little merit. Prophecy grants Antichrist three and one-half (3 1/2) years to rule and persecute, and no more.  The dispensationalist theory gives him "seven years," against the explicit evidence of God's Word.  When Antichrist's three and one-half year counting period of last-day authority, blasphemy and persecution comes to an end, when God's last two prophets complete their rule and protection of the righteous for three and one-half  years, and when Gentiles reach the end of their three and one-half years of Jerusalem occupation, a very short but brutal "great tribulation" will commence, lasting 40 days as the historical pattern indicates and prophecy proves.

Prophecy's ancient predictions have been given to us by God to guide last-day believers past some of the most tragic events that will overtake our planet, as well as the most overwhelming deceptions ever to confront mankind.  Visitations, demonic miracles and apparitions will escalate... a series of "great signs and wonders" (Matthew 24:24) on earth and in the skies that will lead to idolatry and demonic worship (Revelation 9:20).  The deceptions will literally take the whole world by storm, and Antichrist will emerge from the ashes of nuclear holocaust to the wonderment of the world. Mankind will shift from the normal to supernatural--and many will realize for the first time there are powers of darkness and the unseen that originate beyond our galaxy. Deception will be rampant, but so will the power of God through His chosen prophets, to reveal the truths of the Hebrew prophecies, particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation handed down to us to counter the demonic spirits.

Even the most ardent students of the Word, university students and professors, teachers, scholars and ministers holding theological degrees in various Christian organizations will be surprised by many turn of events that will challenge views they now hold so dearly.  The very foundations of our faith will be shaken beneath us that we might learn to trust in God, and God alone.  We must recognize the recklessness of blindly handing over our God-given responsibility to study God's Word to religious leaders (all faiths have their theologians and scholars, who often cannot agree on the simplest of matters).  Some religions boast of popes and prophets whose teachings and writings they consider "irrefutable".  However, we must have a healthy skepticism for any teachings or writings other than the Word.  Absolutely everything must be tested against the inspired Writings of God, including the views expressed on this website.  

Let the proof and evidence, along with the Holy Spirit, take you on the path to truth. On your journey you must be willing to go where God leads you, even if forsaken by all others.  Today, we each hold views--some very popular and nearly unquestionable in our minds--which we believe to represent "the truth"; therefore, we are reluctant to study the Word of God with a teachable attitude or to give up cherished ideas. How can we expect the Lord to teach us, if we are not teachable?  The Holy Spirit has more to give us, even some corrections along the way. And, without a willing heart, without taking the risk of an open mind, our Heavenly Father cannot give us valuable insights into His prophetic mysteries.  The majority in the churches, leaders and laypeople alike, will enter the time of trouble ignorant of how events could transpire--a future which has long been foretold in the prophecies, if only we are willing to stop, look and listen.   

Because we face the end of the age, it is our privilege (and duty) to study the Hebrew prophecies, particularly Daniel and Revelation, and to search for the final unsealing of the prophecies that was promised to come at the end of time (Daniel 12:4, 10).  We hope you will join this growing movement in the study of end-time predictions.   Our prayer is that God's truths will shine ever brighter as we see the Day of the LORD approaching.