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Focus On The Prophecies Ministry is a non-denominational internet resource devoted to the study of the ancient Hebrew prophecies of the Bible and the secrets God promised to unseal to the last generation of wise saints (Daniel 12:4, 9-10).  The ministry goal is to help fulfill prophecy’s primary intent: to guide and encourage “those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus,” (Revelation 12:17)—the followers of Christ who must remain faithful in spite of demonic signs, miracles, persecution and hardship, as they wait in anticipation for the approaching Day of our Messiah and His revelation in the heavens.

Here's a few facts about Focus on the Prophecies Ministry...

  • We are a Protestant-based, non-denominational ministry reaching individuals and families with the message that the Kingdom of God is close at hand. We are neither a non-profit or for-profit ministry, just an online study resource provided free of charge to any and all who visit.
  • We make available The Kingdom Calendar, the 30 lesson series called Insights In Prophecy Lessons, end-time charts and materials, which focus on how the early Messianic assemblies may have interpreted last-day prophecies, believing that Christ was soon to return in their lifetime--but viewed in light of our times and our modern world today (since we firmly believe we are the last generation alive before the coming of the Messiah).
  • We encourage individuals and groups to study Bible prophecy, as a relevant God-sent message for our times.

  • We promote a personal relationship with Yeshua, Jesus, and to encourage individuals to live a moral life according to God's Commandments in light of His soon return. For "we know that when He appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure," 1 John 3:2-3.

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    Insights In Prophecy

    Unlock The Ancient Mysteries Of Daniel & Revelation


    On this site you will find The Kingdom Calendar and 30 fact-filled lessons on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation from Focus On The Prophecies Ministry. 

    We are not offering just another run-of-the-mill Bible study series.  The lessons come to you based on over a quarter of a century of prayerful and determined focus into God's end-time predictions. Many prophetic insights have been neglected or misapplied by the shop-worn popular views of our day.  However, very soon people will run in a mad dash to the neglected books of Daniel and Revelation... looking, hoping, searching and praying for God's direction, because of great worldwide chaos that has overtaken mankind.

    For some time now, through the efforts of individual students of prophecy prayerfully searching the Word and sharing their insights, an understanding has been emerging that will help answer some of the toughest questions that will be asked during the dreadful last days--inquiries of who, what, when, where, why and how long? This has been God's design all along... that what has been hidden from generations past God's Spirit would be revealed to the last generation in full living color. For God has promised the final generation will discover the prophetic treasures hidden for thousands of years, buried in the symbols and numbers within the ancient writings of the chosen Hebrew prophets and the Book of Truth. 

    Won't you join in that exciting journey of discovery with us?  Students of prophecy who visit this site come from all over the world, from various walks of life and religious persuasions... including Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jews to name a few.  Although we do not agree on every detail, we surely have the same mind: we want to know God's final plan and to see the coming of the Messiah in our lifetime.  We believe that Day is fast approaching! 

    Having said this, the views expressed on this prophecy website are those of the author, and the author only (unless otherwise noted).  However, what you find here is the collective insights gained from personal study, the Spirit of the LORD, and from individuals and resources God has enlightened in recent years. The learning never stops. If some or all of what is expressed here offers some valuable insight into the last days, and thereby draws you closer to our Savior knowing that time is short, to God be the glory.  There is no cause greater than developing a living, faith-driven relationship with Yeshua.


    Three Primary Principles

    This prophecy studies are established on three overriding principles.

    1. Daniel's four momentous visions (Daniel chapters 7-12), which have traditionally been applied to historical episodes of the past, are instead a foretelling of events about the end and therefore should be examined for their apocalyptic insights to the same degree as the book of Revelation.

    2.  Revelation is the key that unlocks Daniel's sealed scroll-- an unsealing promised to the last generation.  The Apocalypse is, in reality, a commentary on Daniel's predictions; therefore, both books should be merged into one presentation.

    3. Daniel and Revelation reveal time periods which have been examined and debated for many centuries, but which will be understood only in the last days.  When all are merged as one and aligned to God's Festivals and Fasts, a calendar of events and time lines come into focus, which will guide God's people past almost overwhelming deceptions. The "times and dates" (Acts 1:6-7, NIV), or "times [and] the seasons" (KJV), which have been hidden from past generations, will be brought into view at God's determined time as an instrument of grace and direction for those who will live during the appointed time of the end, and who are searching for wisdom into the revelations of Jesus (Revelation 1:1-3).


    We cannot wait until the impending disasters to study Daniel and Revelation. For many, that will be too late. I appeal to you to join us in search of Bible prophecy by beginning with the Insights In Prophecy Bible Discovery Series Introduction.

    The Literal Interpretation

    Kevin Swift believes at this critical junction in history, as we near the time of the end, we can understand the books of Daniel and Revelation as never before.  The prophetic mysteries contained in these two books, merged with Jesus' Mount of Olive discourse on the last days (Matthew 24; Luke 21; Mark 13), can be unraveled by looking at the prophecies through their real life "literal-straight-forward" language and meaning.  This stands in contrast to "spiritualizing away" important predictions by twisting and contriving a text; and, by forcing the "days" of prophecy to be turned into "years", which masks the true meaning and original intent of the Hebrew prophets. 

    A famous man, himself a student of Bible prophecy, many years ago penned a prediction which no doubt is becoming a reality:  "About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn attention to the prophecies of the Bible, and insist on their literal interpretation in the midst of much clamor and opposition." 

    Sir Isaac Newton (A.D. 1643-1727)

    The articles and studies on this site have been written as simply as possible; but, that is not to infer these lessons are not scholarly.  Much of the writing on prophecy is either highly sensational with little biblical basis, or simply a reflection of popular views, repeating what others have been teaching for decades. 

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