Israel's Enemy to the North


Will President Assad be the last Syrian leader, as we know it?  He continues to have Iranian and Russian military support, with China's backing.  The US has a military presence in the north of Syria, while Russia and Iranian assignments are in the south; meanwhile, in January 2018, Turkey crossed the boarder into Syria to confront the Kurds.


In close proximity, the state of Israel is surrounded with her northern enemies, with growing threats against her national survival, which is prophetic.  The close alignment of Israel with US and Western allies against Russia, Iran and Eastern powers, make the current situation all the more foreboding, with a major crisis inevitable as the last days approach. This mixture of bad blood will lead to an all-out Middle East war, when Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East is shaken to the core, and the global crisis begins.


In January 2018, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, told a UN Security Council meeting that he was revealing classified information about Iran to convey what he claimed are Iran's plans to dominate Syria, destroy Israel and "terrorize the entire free world."

"Iran is turning the entire country of Syria into the largest military base in the world. In fact, Iran is trying to destabilize all aspects of Syria," Danon said.


He continued, "Iran's goals are, first, destroy Israel ... second ... destabilize the region." But after that, Danon said, "it is aiming for the entire world. The entire international community should be concerned about Iran." Even though Iran is targeting Israel first, the Israeli envoy said, "it is you who are next."


The first half of Daniel 8 predicts a confrontation between Iran (Elam/ the Ram) and the West (Goat) with America--the Prominent Horn. This war initiates the time of the end; however, after President Trump's success, America's demise is foretold when the US Horn is broken off (vs. 8) in a quick, but decisive global war.


Middle East war that will escalate into World War III is inevitable, as final events loom on the horizon. And, at the end of time, Damascus will no longer remain a inhabitable city, but will become a pile of ruins. Evidently, the missiles flying into Israel from the north will be so massively devastating or threatening as to activate a doomsday response to stop them. Isaiah 17:1 prophesies, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins." Such tragedy and loss of human lives cannot be fathomed or understood before it all comes down. The devastation is beyond our ability to imagine.


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Nov 16, 2015

August 29, 2013

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