The Power of Popes & the Three Religions of Jerusalem

In late 2015 to early 2016, within a period of just 120 days, Pope Francis visited the "Christian" White House, an "Islamic" mosque, and a "Jewish" Temple. Why? To united the Three Religions of Jerusalem and all the world together in inter-faith dialogue and brotherhood. As a forerunner, he is setting the global stage for the Man of Sin--Antichrist to emerge onto the world scene.


Pope Francis Visited the Protestant "Christian" White House


It is significant that during the High Holy Days in September of last year, America's leadership invited Pope Francis into the White House at the Biblical Festival of Yom Kippur, with a throng of devotees who adored and worshiped him, to build his quest for brotherhood among the nations and religions of the world.  


There's no doubt that since it's inception America long stood as a "Protestant" beacon of light to the nations, separating from the power of Rome's influence.  Believers from the U.S. spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations through missionary work, and was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. As the Catholic/Protestant ecumenical movement gained momentum, that trend reversed and there is a growing acceptance of Papal authority. 


In another significant move to mend "Christian" brotherhood ties, the Roman Catholic Pope Francis will meet with his counterpart--the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, during a historic visit to Latin America. The groundbreaking meeting is to happen in mid-February 2015 in Cuba. The meeting between heads the two major Christian churches would be an unprecedented move to mend the millennium-long rift between the Western and Eastern branches of the religion, which started with the Great Schism of 1054. There is no doubt in light of our nearness to final events that the goal of restoring unity will be met.


Pope Francis Visited an " Islamic" Mosque in Africa

Speaking first in an inter-religious meeting with some 200 Muslims at a Bangui’s central mosque, located in an area of the city known for frequent violent inter-religious clashes, Francis exhorted: "Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters!"

“We must therefore consider ourselves and conduct ourselves as such!” he told the Muslim men at the meeting, sitting cross-legged before him. “Those who claim to believe in God must also be men and women of peace!”

“Together, we must say no to hatred, to revenge and to violence, particularly that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself -- God is peace, salam,” he said, using the Arabic word for peace.

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Pope Francis Visited a "Jewish" Synagogue in Rome


Amid chanting of psalms in Hebrew and speeches underscoring the remarkable advances in Catholic-Jewish relations in the past 50 years, Francis became the third pontiff to visit Rome's Great Synagogue, after popes John Paul and Benedict.

The Temple is just across the Tiber River from the Vatican, and is rich with symbolism of the past persecution of Jews, who for nearly 300 years until the mid-19th century were forced to live in the adjoining quarter still known as The Ghetto and make compulsory payments to the popes.

The Pope said, "The violence of man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of this name, in particular the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)," he said in what appeared to be a reference to attacks by Islamist militants."

Yahya Pallavicini, an Italian Islamic leader involved in inter-faith dialogue, also attended the ceremony and the pope warmly greeted him.

Francis has called for the "rediscovery of the Jewish roots of Christianity" and repeated an appeal for Catholics to "say 'no' to every form of anti-Semitism".

"Jews and Christians must, therefore, feel like brothers united by the same God and by a rich common spiritual heritage," he said.

"The violence of man against man is in contradiction with any religion worthy of this name, in particular the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)," he said in what appeared to be a reference to attacks by Islamist militants.


The Outcome


It's not surprising that part of the work of God is the downfall of nations who once cherished Scriptural values, but have turned their back on Almighty God. His Word offers plenty of examples of how He dealt with people, individuals and groups according to how they honor, or refuse to honor, Him. The examples include the worldwide flood, Sodom and Gomorrah fire, Israel's enemies defeated in battle, Egypt's plagues, and even the beloved Jerusalem, when His chosen people refused the counsel of God's prophets (586 B.C.) and Messiah Himself (70 A.D.). Likewise, in this regard, God's protection is being withdrawn from America, which prophetically sits at the verge of destruction and a disastrous fall from favored status. The countenance of God's mercy no longer shines brightly upon the U.S., because we have turned our back on Him.


In our Insights in Prophecy Lesson Series, the case has been built for the supernatural rise of Antichrist from within Catholicism, specifically from the Vatican power-base.  We've learned one of the last acts of the end-time Antichrist/Pope is that he will be welcomed by Jerusalem's political leaders, and the religious leaders of her three religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity), into the center of the capital of Jerusalem and onto the rebuilt Temple Mount (turmoil over the Temple Mount has seen an explosion of articles in late 2015--click here) to set up his abomination, bringing worship to himself (The Kingdom Calendar, Pt. 17); this, in turn,  will signal the splitting into three parts the city of Jerusalem--Babylon the Great (Revelation 16:19).

How End-time Events Will Begin & End

The New World Order will emerge from a quick but devastating World War III. With nuclear holocaust and the unimaginable human carnage there will be global financial collapse, natural disasters, poisoned air and pandemics. Supernatural signs and wonders (e.g. Marian sightings) will escalate, and religious unity based on Vatican/Catholic "Sunday-promoting" governance centered in the Europe Union (Lisbon Treaty), promoting the "common good" of all nations under Papal and European NATO rule will gain strength under the leadership of the Man of Sin. This will ultimately lead to a global marking system for buying and selling, and 10 divisions of the world (10 Kings) foretold in Revelation 17:12-14.

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There is a Catholic teaching that before the great climax of human history righteous Popes will  turn many to Christianity, followed by an evil Pope or Antichrist who would emerge to fulfill the apocalyptic predictions of Revelation.

The Bible reveals that this Evil One will rule the world; that he would at first "come in [Christ's] name" (Matthew 24:5), but will deny Messiah in word and action.  Near the end of his days he will enter onto the rebuilt Temple Mount in Jerusalem (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) and declare himself God.  His abomination will be complete, and God's patience exhausted.  His miraculous rise was foretold by Yeshua and the Hebrew prophets in the Word of God.

John Paul, the most popular pope of modern times, whose 27 year Papal reign from October 1978 to April 2005, did much to raise the role of the Papacy and Marian worship across the globe during to his many pastoral travels.  John Paul's own Marian devotion is explained in the book The Keys Of This Blood, published in1990 by the former Dr. Malachi Martin--theologian, Jesuit and professor at the Vatican's Pontificate Biblical Institute and devote Catholic.  He wrote that John Paul "turned more and more intently to prayer.  Prayer, especially, to Mary as the geopolitical hope ... of the world.  Because, he was now sure, Mary had saved him from intended death in St. Peter's Square that May 13 [1981]--the official feast day of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima ," (page 626).  He believed that Mary had called him to a great mission. 

John Paul II himself wrote, "Could I forget that the event [Ali Ağca's assassination attempt] in St. Peter’s Square took place on the day and at the hour when the first appearance of the Mother of Christ to the poor little peasants has been remembered for over sixty years at Fátima, Portugal? For in everything that happened to me on that very day, I felt that extraordinary motherly protection and care, which turned out to be stronger than the deadly bullet." —Pope John Paul II -Memory & Identity, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2005, p.184

John Paul believed he was to be the last moral leader to rule the nations; however, another will arise to this position of power--an evil ruler with demonic powers and Jewish roots, of whom Jean-Marie Lustiger serves as a exemplar of him whose cryptic rise from the ashes of fiery destruction leads to global power and the final days. 


Jean Marie Lustiger

Who is the Jew who almost became Pope? This film, available on Netflix, is a must watch film about a Cardinal from the past, who signals a future leader who was, and is to come. The story of Jean-Marie Lustiger.

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Nov 3, 2013 Editor's Note: This article is a modern-day reflection of the ancient prophecies of Daniel 7, and what we've written about for nearly 30 years.  





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